Design – Performance – Research

2015: Crossing The Great Divide

Crossing The Great divide Landscape and memory retraces the frontier paths of American immigration onto the Great Plains and on to the Pacific Ocean, beginning at Rogers Avenue in Chicago or Indian Boundary Line 1816. This journey will also be an exploration of the changing aspect of the arts and globalization.

Beginning in June 2015, Don Pollack, Julia Pollack, Anders Pollack, Adrian Down, Mark Cleveland, Pat Cleveland, Quincy Stewart, Matt Harlen, and Gretchen Johnson will be traversing the landscapes of the American frontier via bicycle for over 3000miles and holding a ‘mobile conference/dialogue’ with people around the world focusing on the landscape and transcending divisive boundaries. We will be living a nomadic life for over 2 months working on ‘Crossing the Great Divide’. By linking digitally, the goal is to transcend limited notions of a national or environmental border and tell our local stories in a global dialog that brings us closer and reconnects us to place. (The project will also address the notion of our journey as an act of reconciliation with history and Native America.) Upon conclusion to the journey and mobile conference, an exhibition of, maps, paintings, logbook entries, and presentations will be made and exhibited in Chicago.

2012: “A Cabinet of Curiosity: The Library’s Dead Time.” With Bonnie Mak. February 2012. Figure One Gallery, Champaign, IL

The exhibition, “A Cabinet of Curiosity: the Library’s Dead Time” was an experiment to make material a scholarly argument. By crafting sculptures that represent the practice of research, the authors sought to render visible for critical investigation the activities of thinking and writing that constitutes much of the work of the humanities. The exhibition employed the cabinet of curiosity as a physical and rhetorical framework to organize these sculptures which were deployed as part of a public interrogation of the social processes that underpin the formulation, classification, transmission, and preservation of knowledge in the traditional library as well as in the emergent digital spaces of information exchange.Installation on the art and process of research.,%20the%20Library’s%20Dead%20Time/album/

2011:The Universal Standard Encyclopedia

This piece was a guided tour and performance piece that outlined the book history of The Universal Standard Encyclopedia.

2009: The Fixture Of Her Eye Has Motion In’t

This piece is a performative rereading of the final Act in Shakespeare’s play  A Winter’s Tale ,in which the statue of Hermione comes alive. Within the play, the character is brought to life after her aggressor has attempted to redeem himself. It is ambiguous whether the character was remade anew from a sculpture or merely stood as a piece of art to punish her punisher. In my own rereading of the text I focus on the female form as an idealized art space, and seek to complicate this by allowing my woman statues to break the fourth wall and invite the audience to become the looked upon art that is brought to life.